South Ridge maintains and markets three brands:
47° North, Canadian Organic Maple, and South Ridge Maple.

The South Ridge brand is modern and has universal appeal as a consumer and food service brand. The brand features maple sugar and maple syrups from the Hargrove maple stands in central New Brunswick. Never blended with inferior syrups, never blended with syrups from other producers, South Ridge maple syrup is guaranteed to be single source and 100% organic.


The  47° North brand was  developed primarily an export brand. First launched in Europe in 2017, the brand has gained consumer acceptance across Europe with online consumers and independent retailers focussing on Organic and Vegan Foods. The label features strong Canadian iconography associated with the Canada’s maple leaf flag elements and colours. In Canada 47° North is sold in airport stores as gifts and souvenirs for travellers to Canada.  

To learn more visit www.47northfoods.com


Canadian Organic Maple was introduced in the 1990’s. It is the original organic maple syrup bottled and sold by the Hargrove family and it is still popular today with on line and foodservice customers. Canadian Organic Maple is a traditional brand, learn more at www.canadianorganicmaple.com


South Ridge offers various grades of pure maple syrup and maple sugar.

All are organic and sourced directly from our sugar maple trees in central NB. Syrups are available for consumers and retailers in glass and plastic bottles ranging from 100 ml to 4 litres. For industrial customers 19 litre pails, drums and totes are available.

Maple Syrups

Pure, delightful and smooth as silk. South Ridge Canada grade A organic maple syrup is available in four varieties based on the colour and flavour:

Light Taste

This syrup is the first syrup produced in the harvest season. The syrup has a delicate taste and a golden hue. The quantity of Golden syrup produced in a given season is highly dependent on the weather conditions early in the sap run. It is common for Golden to make up less than 10 – 15% of the overall yield of a crop for a year. As a result, Golden syrup is somewhat rare and can cost more than the other syrups.

Rich Taste

Amber is the most common syrup grade, and is popular throughout North America, where the majority of the world’s maple syrup is consumed. Pancake and crepe toppings are the most common uses.

Robust Taste

This syrup is produced later in the maple harvest season and has a much more pronounced maple flavour. Popular in Europe, Dark syrup has a characteristically deep brownish hue, but is clear and smooth in texture and mouth feel. Dark syrup is often used as a beverage sweetener or in place of traditional sugars.

Very Dark,
Strong Taste

This syrup has chocolaty and smoky tasting notes. It is generally used in baking and sauce applications when chefs want the maple flavour to persist in the finished product. Very Dark syrup makes excellent glazes, marinades and sauces.


Granulated dry maple syrup is known as “maple sugar”. It is made by continuing to evaporate the syrup past the normal 66% solids level. Driving off all the residual moisture from the syrup results in granular dry crystals of pure maple “sugar”. Maple sugar makes an excellent substitute for cane or corn sugar in recipes, but is primarily used as a beverage sweetener for coffees and smoothies.